Dr. Mohammad Reza Emami

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

Name: Mohammad Reza
Surname:  Emami
Specialty: Spine disorders: minimal invasive operations of spine such as Endoscopy disc surgery,
Laser discectomy, Instrumental of spine (lumber- thoracic- cervical), Spinal Tumor,
Brain tumor surgeries, Brain and spine trauma, Another field of Neurosurgery
Date and place of birth: 2.10.1982 Iran
Languages: Persian, English
Nationality: Iranian, Georgian Permanent Residency
Address:  Bob Walsh St. No 32. Tbilisi. Cadaster Code: 0172120094200102010.
Block D1. No: 14


توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
Membership of Iranian  fitness federation
توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
Membership of Iranian Surgeons Association

توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
AO Alumni: Association for the study of international fixation

Academic Details:

2018: M.S Corrective exercise and sport injury.

2007: Spine fellowship Brisbane Australia.

2012: Fitness and body building coach training.

1998: MD Neurosurgery medical school of Isfahan, Iran, Top student.

1991: MD G.P. medical school of Isfahan, Iran, Top students.

Employment History:

1998- 2019 Isfahan University, Neurosurgical Center.

Social Health Center.

Najafabad Azad University

Private Hospital of Isfahan

Last employment position: self-employment (private clinic)

Publication/ Lectures

  • Journal of Isfahan Medical School, Vol. 3, No. 1, spring 1998: Head and Spine throne.
  • 4 th symposium of scull base surgery of Iran: Arnold Chiari Malformation.
  • 27th annual congress of Iran Associational
  • Surgeons: Essential of Acute spinal cord.
  • 30th annual congress of Iran association of surgeons: Nonsurgical of cord injury.
  • 3rd international spine symposium of Luxembourg. 2009, lecture in instrumentation in infection of spine.

Career Objective

License of Neurosurgery from United Arab Emirates ministry of health as specialist A.

MD, Neurosurgeon- 20 years of experiences on the most fields of Neurosurgery, General Manager of Iranian Health Tourism Company.

Training Courses

  • 2000: 4.6 Sep. Spine surgery in degenerative pathologies GLCD- Paris, France.
  • 2000: 7.8 Sep. Workshop on spine surgery metronic France.
  • 2001: May 14 to June 18, Spinal surgery instrumentation. GLCD, Fellowship, France.
  • 2005: AO Regional Course. Sep 9-12 Dubai-UAE.
  • 2006: AO Spine Comprehensive Spine Course.
  • 2008: Advances in Lumber Spine Course. Dubai, UAE.
  • 2008: Instructional Spine Course Trauma in Bochum, Germany.
  • 2009: AO Spine Masters Symposium, Davos, Switzerland.
  • 2010: Cosmic/ SSCS operation course, Austria.
  • 2010: International Argo spine Symposium, Paris.
  • 2010: Easy Go, Endoscopic Approaches to the Cervical and lumber spine.
  • 2011: The 5th Asia Pacific Cervical spine society meeting.
  • 2012: Training Course for Percutaneous Disk Coagulation theory, South Korea.

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