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Spinal Surgery in Iran

What Is Spinal Surgery?

Spinal fusion is surgery to permanently connect two or more vertebrae in your spine, eliminating motion between them. Spinal surgery involves techniques designed to mimic the normal healing process of broken bones. During spinal fusion, your surgeon places bone or a bonelike material within the space between two spinal vertebrae. Metal plates, screws and rods may be used to hold the vertebrae together, so they can heal into one solid unit. Spinal fusion permanently connects two or more vertebrae in your spine to improve stability, correct a deformity or reduce pain.

Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Amazing Destination for Doing Spinal Operation

Now a day, scope of spinal surgery in Iran is very good thanks to the great medical facilities and most experienced spine surgeons in Iranian spine surgery hospitals. Spinal surgery becomes inevitable if the back pain starts affecting daily life of the patient or the medication and physiotherapy becomes ineffective. The treatment provided to different spine disorders depends on status of the back bone, severity of the pain, level of disorder and patient’s overall health and age. Various spinal surgical procedures are available in Iranian hospitals.
The clinical care provided by the staff of Iranian hospitals is very good and the medical infrastructure is also very good. Thus many abroad patients are getting attracted to Iran for their spinal treatment at low cost.

Spinal Surgery Tour Packages in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Rhinoplasty packages
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Amazing Destination For Doing Spinal Surgery

A fast and affordable solution for spinal problems. We offer all-expense Spinal surgery in Iran at fair prices.
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Top Choice for Spinal Procedures

Experienced doctors, modern hospitals, and affordable costs are what we offer to people suffering from spinal problems.
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Why Choose Health MEDiran Company?

Health MEDiran company as a health tourism company does all the arrangements for you, from helping you choose the best Spinal surgeon in Iran, get a visa for Iran, book flight and accommodations, to picking you up from airport, transferring you to your hotel and hospital, assigning a personal interpreter to you to help you communicate with your doctor, and providing post-operative care and consultation. By having your Spinal treatment in Iran and your trip arranged by health MEDiran company, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.

Is Iran the Right Choice for Spinal Surgery?

First of all, medical tourism in Iran offers very good facilities to international patients for the spinal surgery in Iran. Surgeons in Iran have extensive experience and knowledge to deal with the complex and complicated spinal medical issues. They perform the operation with the aid of latest technology and high-end quality equipment. Besides, post-operative care in Iran is very impressive and you can also enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing touring sites in Iran.
Speaking at a press conference ahead of the Fifth International Congress of Interventional Pain Medicine, Farnad Imani added that currently all spine surgeries can be conducted in closed form. He said the costs for noninvasive treatment methods is 20-30 percent lower than those in other nations. Therefore, he added, many patients from neighboring countries are eager to undergo noninvasive treatments in Iran.

Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Best Spine Doctors in Iran

Spine surgery provide full spectrum of treatment options for the surgical cases of the spine. We provide the latest technology with advance and fully equipped intensive care unit.
The spine is a complex system, with lots of moving parts, which means it's relatively easy for one piece to shift out of optimal alignment or incur an injury. There's a long list of maladies that can all cause pain, tingling sensations in the extremities and loss of mobility or dexterity that can negatively impact your quality of life.
Our patients benefit from our physicians skill in harnessing the precision and power of spine surgery to perform delicate procedures.
Choosing an experienced specialist is an important primary step in achieving best results. Health MEDiran company with high qualified surgeons at an affordable cost has one of the richest manpower resources for the spinal procedures.

Spinal Surgery Cost in Iran

Spinal surgery in Iran is offered by qualified plastic surgeons at an affordable cost. Determining its expense depends on the country and city in which you undergo it, the medical center, the surgeon, the techniques used.
Low price is one of the most important features of spinal surgery in Iran. Spinal procedures in Iran is more affordable than anywhere in the world. Since the cost of living in Iran is very low, as well as the value of the national currency, medical treatments in Iran and cosmetic services are offered at a low cost.
The cost of spinal Fusion Surgery in Iran
ranges from $8000 to $11000 while in USA and Europe; it is $65,000to $78,000. Health MEDiran Group provide Spinal surgeries in a professional clinic and hospital at the affordable cost.

Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

Will Insurance Cover My Spinal Surgery?

Based on Iran health insurance organization, Insurance might cover part of your spinal surgery, but may not cover the entire cost of spinal treatment. Insurance will typically cover non-surgical or  surgical treatments to help improve your health and body. Generally speaking, health insurance plans will cover you if you suffer from a condition that impairs the way your back and spinal functions, and cannot be remedied simply by medication. So usually health insurance does not pay for cosmetic surgeries. But if there is a functional problem for spinal surgery such as back problems, just that portion of the surgery can be covered by your health insurance.
If spinal surgery is needed, we will take care of all approvals, paperwork, spinal insurance paperwork and scheduling. Health MEDiran company is committed to understanding your needs as a patient, and your desire to get the most out of your insurance plan.

Spinal Surgery Time

Spinal fusion is the most common surgery for chronic nonspecific back pain with degenerative changes. The doctor will join spinal bones, called vertebrae, together.  It’s rare, but the bones don’t always fuse completely. Smoking can make this complication more likely. If it happens, you may need another operation to fix it.
Spinal surgery can take as little as 2 ½ hours, and as long as 6 or 7 hours, occasionally even longer. How long it takes depends on the number of vertebrae being fused, how badly the vertebrae are diseased, whether spinal nerves are pinched and need to be decompressed, and whether there is scarring from prior surgeries. Also you may be in the hospital for 1 to 3 days; longer if you have spinal treatment. Rest is important. But doctors want you out of bed as soon as possible. Most people start physical therapy within 24 hours.

Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company
Rhinoplasty in Iran | Health MEDiran Company

How Long Is Spinal Surgery Recovery?

Recovery after diskectomy is usually quick. After a diskectomy or foraminotomy, you may still feel pain, numbness, or weakness along the path of the nerve that was under pressure. These symptoms should get better in a few weeks. Recovery after fusion surgery and laminectomy is longer. You will not be able to return to activities as quickly.
It takes at least 3 to 4 months after surgery for bones to heal well, and healing may continue for at least a year. If you had spinal fusion treatment, you will probably be off work for 4 to 6 weeks if you are young and healthy and your job is not very strenuous. It may take 4 to 6 months for older people with more extensive surgery to get back to work. Length of recovery of fusion surgery procedure also depends on how bad your condition was before spinal surgery.


Spine Surgery for Leg Pain. If most of the patient's pain is leg pain (radiculopathy), the pain may be due to a pinched nerve. ... Back surgery for a pinched nerve can usually be done with a minimally invasive approach, and will usually result in early return to normal function (1 to 3 weeks).
Laminectomy. This is the most common surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis. In this procedure, a surgeon removes parts of the bone, bone spurs, or ligaments in your back. This relieves pressure on spinal nerves and can ease pain or weakness, but the procedure can make your spine less stable.
Spinal stenosis is generally not progressive. ... While decompressive surgery (lumbar laminectomy) for spinal stenosis generally has a good success rate for relief of leg pain and leg symptoms (such as ability to walk), it is less reliable as a treatment for activity-related lower back pain.
Lumbar Stenosis Symptoms. ... Leg pain from either condition will go away with rest, but with spinal stenosis the patient usually has to sit down for a few minutes to ease the leg and often low back pain, whereas leg pain from vascular claudication will go away if the patient simply stops walking.
Either position decreases the pressure on your low back and spinal discs. You should avoid sleeping on your stomach after back surgery. Sleeping on your side – If you choose to sleep on your side after back surgery, it's best if your knees are bent and you tuck a pillow between your legs.
While you are still in the hospital after surgery, you may be encouraged to walk once you are able. ... Walk at a comfortable pace and avoid hills and stairs for the first few weeks. You'll notice the results quickly if you follow the instructions of your doctor and rehabilitative specialist.
Remember to keep things close to your body if you do lift or carry anything, and use your knees if you bend instead of your back. Do not drive for at least two weeks because of your recent surgery. After the two weeks do not drive if you are taking prescription pain medications or a muscle relaxer.

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