Clinical Nutrition Consultation

As you may be in a particular health condition, you should take a wise look at your nutritional status. But knowing about what to eat and what to avoid is challengeable and so specialized, here is the field you can trust on us with clinical nutrition consultation. It can be use as a complementary therapy, allowing other forms of treatment to be more effective. To remove all your concerns and help you take control of your health with nutritional support we need to take some assessments include:
• Your medical history
• Current medications and supplements you may take, doses and when and why they were prescribe
• Background results
• Any surgery
• Recent medical tests
• Eating habits
• Any exercise program or daily activity
• Weight, height, BMI and related measurements
• Your lifestyle
• Allergies and restrictions

Why Health MEDiran Company Clinical Nutrition Consultation

We know it's important to eat healthy, but how do you define the borders and limitations? Here are essential reasons Health MEDiran Company considers:
Prevent health conditions from getting worse

If you are concern with your family disease background, the Health MEDiran Company make you familiar with specialized nutritionists to reduce your risk for developing these chronic conditions. Your clinical nutrition specialist by addressing your health concerns will prepare meal plans tailored to your dietary needs, which may reduce or eliminate the need for medications.
Optimize fitness goals

Our clinical nutrition specialist by personalizing meal plans help you reach your fitness goals in specific sport. He/she calculates your calories intake, chooses nutrient-rich foods, manages pre workout and past workout food options and many other considerations.
Slow aging process

Feeling weak, facing memory problem, seeing poor lab results or any age related diseases make you think to visit a clinical nutrition specialist. He adds more fresh foods and vegetables such as whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes and healthy fats to your diet plan.
Lose or gain weight

It's hard to eat right and lose or gain weight on your own. Gym and diet combination make it easier for you. You can leave your diet program to our clinical nutritionists. Base on your age, height, current weight, activity levels, metabolic rate and numerous factors they determine how many calories you need per day. You learn to choose your food, portion size and number of meals depend on this kind of calculation.
Allergic reaction control

Allergies are immune system deficiency disorders. If some foods or beverages contribute to skin, eyes, nose or digestive problems, you can take advantage of a nutrition specialist. A nutritionist helps you identify the culprits and suggests some alternatives.

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                                                                   Clinical Nutrition services
Health MEDiran Company nutrition consultants provide clinical nutrition services and education related to any health issues and strategies.
-> Who should undergo clinical nutrition consultation?

People with high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetic patients, who have eating disorders, People with cardiovascular diseases, individuals with mental health, old people, cancer patients, who plan to do or did surgery, pregnant women, people with obesity or malnutrition problem and any acute or critical care in participation with other diseases.
After the initial examination and analyzing your health condition you'll received a personalized diet meal plan and through subsequent visits we'll review your progress.
We are offering our clinical nutrition services from diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions to getting healthy results.
-> Clinical Nutrition Services Tools and Equipment

1: Computer Technology: These clinical nutrition services are used to inform and record patient data for long period of time such as computer applications or software, multimedia applications and on-line website services.
2: Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ): FFQ includes set of food and drinking related questions, frequency of consumption and the portion size consumed to determine and investigate the relationship between dietary and disease factors. It also questions the dosages of commonly consumed dietary supplements or medications.
3: Anthropometric Measures: These equipment required measurements are repeatable and comparable such as height and weight, measurement of body density and body fat.
4: Physical or Clinical Signs: These provide important assessment data for clinical nutrition specialist by observation and analyzing any uncomfortable symptoms caused by specific health issue such as malnutrition symptoms that they can notice by examination of hair, face, lips, nail and so on.

Clinical Nutrition Specialists

Health MEDiran Company clinical nutrition specialists keep up to date with the latest nutritional science researches and collaborate with the interdisciplinary health care teams to provide evidence based nutrition management. We may suggest different type of nutritionists. A group acting as holistic nutritionist who focuses on your overall health, some who work with specific populations such as pediatric nutritionists or particular disease like diabetes. Clinical nutritionists guide you to choose the proper type of food according to your metabolic or medical history profile. They do not force you but give you professional advises and arming you with necessary information to include or exclude specific kind of food or medicine that may put your health at risk.
nutrition specialists experience

With a right dietary support from our clinical nutrition specialists with years of experience in nutrition therapy you can better manage and understand all the nutrition barriers you may face and how eating is related to your disease and health.
Clinical Nutrition evaluation

They evaluate your adherence to adjusts meal plans suited for you by restrictions you may have such as food allergies, religious dietary, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, insulin resistance, vegetarian diet and so on.
management of health

They provide expertise for help with weight loss, muscle gain, meal plans, improved sports performance and management of health conditions. Clinical nutrition specialists are experts and leaders to guide and educate you to promote your overall health.
clinical nutrition specialists restrictions

Clinical Nutrition Specialist and Patient Collaboration

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We need you to collaborate with your clinical nutrition specialist to gain healthy goals and reach wellness outcomes. From the initial visit we monitor your health status, create a dietary program accordingly and provide additional support when you need it.
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After consultations with our nutritionists, you can get enough knowledge of nutrition information that is provided for each recipe suited to you and your health conditions, you will know your dietary restrictions and will be curious about reading your food supplement facts.
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We assure you that our clinical nutrition specialists help you reach better physical and mental health, they will reduce nutrition related symptoms or pain and bring you more positive outlook toward health and medical condition.

Cost and Period of Clinical Nutrition Consultation

Depending on your health and needs and in line with your disease conditions, and the process of monitoring goes on, the cost and period of clinical nutrition consultation may vary. Just in case of fitness you can have nutrition consultation monthly for the purpose of your weight management and provide healthy status.
Our health is priceless but everyone needs to manage his money. Some of the clinical nutrition consultation price effect factors listed below:
- Nutritionist services (education level and services that a nutritionist offer)
- Initial consultation fees (to assess the client’s nutritional needs. You can also use daily tours and services for number of consultation services)
- Ongoing sessions (they are usually priced less than the initial session and sometimes you can have phone or video calls)
• Initial visit up to one hour costs ……. USD
• Follow-up visits cost from ……. to ……. USD
• Phone or video calls cost from ……. to ……. USD
• Email consultation cost from ……. to ……. USD

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